The Growth Track is a catalyst to help you become all that God made you to be. This four step experience is designed to help you move closer to Christ and discover where you fit in God's family, the church. 

stepONE  [Follow]  -  Learn more about faith in God.

stepTWO  [Connect]  -  Learn more about Way of Life Community.

stepTHREE  [Discover]  -  Discover your gifting and find your place. 

stepFOUR  [Serve]  -  Get connected to serving.

Growth Track happens every Sunday morning at each Way of Life Community campus. StepONE happens on the first week of the month, stepTWO on the second week, and so on.  Its our goal to make getting connected at Way of Life a simple process!


dream teaM

We believe serving is one of the fastest and most effective ways to connect here at Way of Life

Community.  It’s more than just volunteering, it’s about finding and following your God given

purpose, using your gifts, talents and passions! Anyone who serves at Way of Life is on what

we call The Dream Team

To get started on the Dream Team simply attend the Growth Track!



Way of Life Community strives to be a church that is connected in the community. We feel its

our responsibility to offer support to residents, law enforcement, and charitable organizations

to better serve our neighborhoods, cities, and even internationally.  Various opportunities arise throughout

the year to parter with us as we serve.

Want to join a team?

Contact us.